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In the competitive and fast changing pet food industry, Hagen needed to breath life into its Nutrience brand. Clark Stanley was charged with that responsibility. The assignment has known package design, brand positioning, line extensions, experiential activities, media planning, consumer research and promotions. Whew!


Clark Stanley Creative Team

Chief Creative Officer: Adam Massey
Art Director: Abhishek Chaudhry
Senior Designer: Abhishek Chaudhry
Designer: Tasha DiBiagio
Social Media Manager: Angela Buna



Old Nutrience logo vs. New Nutrience logoPackaging Design - Nutrience Original RebrandPackaging Design - Nutrience Natural RebrandPackaging Design - Nutrience Grain FreePackaging Design - Nutrience CansPackaging Design - Nutrience Extras


The initial rebrand and packaging for Nutrience was developed in collaboration with other design agencies. This was followed by marketing strategies developed by Clark Stanley to launch new products in stores and raise brand and product awareness. With print collateral, promotional activities, print and digital advertising, branded content and experiential executions developed at Clark Stanley, all marketing efforts are built around the brand without compromising it’s integrity.

Design - Print Collateral, Posters, POPDesign - Print Ad NutriencePublication Design Nutrience Consumer BrochureIn Store Display Design - Nutrience POP


Nutrience’s primary social media outlet is Facebook. Used to host social media contest, raise brand awareness, communicate with customers, and announce product launches, Clark Stanley has grown the Nutrience Facebook presence significantly by developing engaging content, and targetting appropriately.

Social Media Management Nutrience Facebook


The Nutrience Twitter account focusses on live engagement during promotional events, and is otherwise used as the secondary platform for communication and engagement.

Social Media Management Nutrience Twitter

We have also been involved in producing ongoing branded content for Nutrience, including video series – Nourish the Body. Fuel the Spirit.