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Clark Stanley - MADD at High Driving

MADD at High Drivers

25th October 2017 - Jamie Phair

Maybe you’ve seen it, it’s in all the papers. Marijuana, cannabis, pot, weed, grass, call it what you like. Canada is going to legalize the stuff on July 1st of 2018. While the majority of the population supports this, there are concerns, and MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) were quick to launch an awareness PSA to let us know that driving high affects your reaction time and concentration. …Keep Reading

Clark Stanley - ALDI Making Of

The Making of ALDI

10th October 2017 - Jamie Phair

Filmmakers and fans alike always enjoy “Making Of” videos; the behind the scenes, the “how did they do that”, the movie magic. Well, this “Making Of” video is no different. It all started when ad agency, Ogilvy out of Shanghai selected director Adam Massey (and his little known passion for shooting “Strange people in Stranger situations”) to shoot two new brand spots for their client, ALDI, an undertaking that tallied up to be a 6 day shoot in Kiev, Ukraine. The wardrobes, stunt training, props, make-up, locations, set dressings, etc. etc. all made for a massive undertaking. Come and enjoy some fun with us on location.

…Keep Reading

Content film wins $1million for small start up company

Content film wins $1million for small start up company

26th April 2017 - William Falconer

How a savvy brand content company and  a major high-tech mining player came together to make a film and win a jackpot. …Keep Reading

Clark Stanley Team Grows

Clark Stanley Gets Bigger!

25th April 2017

After much anticipation, scrutiny, and investigation, Clark Stanley is excited to announce two brilliant new additions to the core team.  …Keep Reading

Volvo Virtual Reality and the future of storytelling

Virtual Reality and the Future of Storytelling

1st February 2017 - Angela Buna

Clark Stanley teamed up with SuperSphere VR and the Diamond Brothers to shoot a stellar Virtual Reality spot for Volvo. We sat down with the collective brain trust to ask the most common questions the production world is asking about VR.  …Keep Reading

Andy Keen - Lipton Fit Cart Clark Stanley

Adventures in advertising

24th November 2016 - Angela Buna

October was a busy month here at Clark Stanley! While most of our latest work was shot locally, director Andy Keen had the incredible opportunity to shoot something awesome for Lipton in Dubai. The product being shot in Dubai was the Lipton Green Tea Fit Cart. What is that exactly? Check out the finished product below!  …Keep Reading

Clark Stanley - Why You Should Advertise on Instagram

Why you should be advertising on Instagram – and how we can help

26th October 2016 - Angela Buna

One of our most recent projects was an Instagram micro-series for Playtex Baby Canada. The project’s purpose was to show the day in the life of a new mom and her baby through a series of eight 15-second videos. We used these videos to tell mom Vanessa and baby Minnie’s story by capturing the precious, little moments hidden in life’s every day chores. The project accomplished exactly what we set out to do. You can see in the video below, a combination of each part of the micro-series, that our director beautifully captured the tenderness in life’s tedious tasks. …Keep Reading

Bobcaygeon - Trailer

Revisiting The Tragically Hip in Bobcaygeon

16th August 2016 - Angela Buna

The Tragically Hip are arguably one of Canada’s most iconic bands. Here at Clark Stanley, we’re huge fans of their music. Some of us grew up listening to The Hip; some of us remember the release of their first album. Most of us have countless fond memories that we can associate with a Hip song.

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Pokemon Go meets The Force Awakens

Pokémon Go meets Star Wars: The Force Awakens

28th July 2016 - Angela Buna

Along with the rest of the world, we got completely swept up in Pokémon Go fever. The nostalgia! The adventure! The desire to be the very best! We really got into it, and as such we read and viewed a lot of Pokémon Go related content. We saw one video that really made us laugh, from YouTube celebrity boogie2988. The video depicts boogie2988, real name Steven Williams, acting the part of one of his most well known personas, Francis. Francis goes on a long rant about how infuriating it is when Pokémon Go’s servers crash. The video was both hilarious and pretty accurate. …Keep Reading

Love is Love - A Project to Celebrate Pride

Love is Love – A Project to Celebrate Pride

27th June 2016 - Angela Buna

We came into work on Monday, June 13, devastated by the events in Orlando. We sat together and talked about wanting to create something to show our support for the LGBTQ community. Given the fact that Pride month is ongoing, we wanted to create something that both celebrated Pride and provided us the opportunity to share something positive and authentic. Our concept was simple: we gathered people we knew from the LGBTQ community and asked them to simply say “love is love” repeatedly in front of a camera. …Keep Reading