Adventures in advertising

24th November 2016 - Angela Buna

October was a busy month here at Clark Stanley! While most of our latest work was shot locally, director Andy Keen had the incredible opportunity to shoot something awesome for Lipton in Dubai. The product being shot in Dubai was the Lipton Green Tea Fit Cart. What is that exactly? Check out the finished product below! 

How did Andy Keen end up shooting something in Dubai? Andy was sought out by Dubai-based production company Milkshake Media to shoot this Lipton spot for Wunderman Dubai. Milkshake and Wunderman were already fans of Andy’s work, having seen his TD Bank #TDThanksYou project and #ThankYouMom for P&G. They wanted a director who could shoot a documentary style spot with a small crew, and Andy was a great fit.

Andy approached this project like he was shooting something particularly flashy. A computerized shopping cart is not something you see every day, so he wanted to play up the flash factor. In the treatment he proposed they shoot the cart in studio like a shiny new car – lit, and on a turntable. The client liked the idea. Another ask was to ID Dubai in the opening frames of the spot. On the location scout, it became clear that the iconic Burj Al Arab would be perfect. The famous hotel is in the opening shot.

How did Andy find his Dubai experience? He loved it, to say the least. Here he is, for example, riding a camel.  

Andy Keen with Camel

Behind the scenes, Andy and the crew had to deal with the extreme heat in Dubai. It was so hot in fact the project was only shot early in the morning (before 9:00AM!) and late in the afternoon (after 4:00PM).

Andy enjoyed working in Dubai with a crew made up of people from all over the world. A lot of people working in Dubai are expats, so Andy had the opportunity to forge some new relationships.

Overall, Andy found that “it was a treat to work in Dubai and experience the people and culture first hand.” He went on to say that “it was a totally immersive experience. I was the only Canadian, hanging with locals for two weeks, trying to get a handle on a sparkling city built in the desert. It was fantastic.”