How to Build a Strong Social Media Presence

14th May 2015 - Kelsi Byers

TwitterFacebookLinkedInInstagram – the list grows continuously and with it your anxiety level.

Social media is a complex but powerful tool that can help grow your brand, sell your product or showcase your service.

For some of us, understanding how it works comes from our excessive use of MySpace in high school and Facebook in University. For others wrapping our heads around Twittering or that Insta-face-a-gram thing (that’s not what it’s called Mom) is a challenge of epic proportion

Sure there are some brands that are killin’ it on social media (Starbucks, Lego, Ikea, Dove, GoPro) but unless you have some kind of understanding of how it all works you and your brand are going to get lost in a sea of #’s and non-engaged posts.

To help you create a strong social media presence for your brand, service or product here are a few tips.

  1. Brand consistency:
    Social media profiles act as a landing page for your brand. Does your profile picture and banner depict and relay the brand message? Are you posting consistent colours, images and texts that all reflect your campaign and brand as a whole? Are you choosing hashtags that are easy to remember and consistent? Your profile tells your story, and when it’s a disaster with no conformity, people get confused and won’t buy into the idea. Make it look pretty!
  2. Like many things in life, it’s quality of content, not quantity:
    Posting just for the sake of posting is not a good idea (we all know that one girl who posts the same mirror selfie every week… it gets old pretty darn quick). Creating a content calendar can be very helpful. With it you can schedule the month’s posts in advance, and monitor them throughout the 30 days. It is also important that you relate things back to events, your newsletter, seasonal promotions, and new product launches. Your social media is a vehicle to reach a large audience and reflect your marketing and communications initiatives.
  3. Create two-way-communication and encourage engagement:
    People always get fixated on how large the reach was, or how many eyes saw the posts. My advice is to measure engagement. Who actually clicked on the link, who commented, shared or liked? Of course you want people seeing your content, but what they do with it is most important. Ask questions, reply to messages and comments and like photos that people have shared. Customers like knowing there is a real person behind the computer so creating two-way-communication builds right impressions. You don’t necessarily remember that great deal you saw posted on Twitter by “who was that company anyway” but you do remember the company that remembered your birthday. You posted about it and they sent you a coupon as a birthday gift (way to go 7-11, Slurpees on me!).
  4. Take advantage of analytics:
    The great thing about Facebook, Twitter and many other platforms is that you can view your business’s analytics for free! This is a great resource. It lets you see what’s working, and what needs to be tweaked. It’s all in the numbers, and numbers are a great starting point. Not every contest, or campaign you run is going to be 100% successful, but by using analytics you can review, reflect, and revise for future use. If you are goal oriented, monitoring these statistics can be addictive. Once your brand starts to grow, and you find that sweet spot you can only go up from there.
  5. Create compelling and memorable branded content:
    Sure, it’s great to post industry related articles to your social media outlets, but wouldn’t it be better if other brands and people started reposting YOUR content because it’s that bad ass? Having creative branded videos, interviews, blogs, and photos are just the tip of the ice-berg. You have to get creative when telling your brand’s story. Stand out, and deliver the most amazing creative the social scene has ever seen, like this for example:

gave Clark Stanley full reign, allowing us to develop video content from concept to completion. Apart from the full-length spot, we delivered five 15 second video spots for Instagram.  We launched each video daily for a week alongside World MasterCard Fashion Week, and then posted the full video to Facebook generating thousands of views, brand recognition, and an increase in sales.

Whether your brand needs a basic social media visual overhaul, or a complete creative content social media campaign, Clark Stanley will deliver. Get in touch.