How to Resonate with your Millennial Audience

30th May 2016 - Angela Buna

If you have kids, friends with kids, nieces, nephews, grandkids, you know what Paw Patrol is. Haven’t heard of it? Trust me, you will. Paw Patrol is everywhere. The brand is also wonderful – with wholesome and educational values, Paw Patrol is an advocate of teamwork, friendship, citizenship and problem solving. Sounds like the type of core values any parent would want to instil in their children, right?

The company that makes Paw Patrol, Spin Master Studios, wanted to create a video to celebrate Mother’s Day. They came to Clark Stanley for our talented director Christina Hodnet, a proven master of delivering authentic content with a focus on children. Christina’s talent for working with kids is evident time and again in her work, and this spot is no exception.

Spin Master wanted a video that moms could identify with – something that mom’s would watch and say, “That’s totally me/my kid”.  The video needed to be authentic and real. Christina understood this perfectly. According to Christina, “through authentic real life moments, Paw Patrol lets millennial moms know that they understand them. They know that moms just want the very best for their children and the very best means good lessons and positive behaviour. Paw Patrol understands the extra effort moms put in and are doing their part to help moms make every day a good day.”

Clearly, Christina heard Spin Master’s ask, and boy, did she deliver.

You see?

The spot also included a social media aspect through Snapchat, where Christina created a series of short videos from the shoot to appear on the Paw Patrol Snapchat platform. These short videos included audio of the cast as they performed each scene. What’s wonderful about these videos is that they further humanize the story Christina is telling – the cast is real, the conversations are real – it’s simply children speaking with each other and their parents. The two videos below are two great examples from this Snapchat series.

How did Christina hit the nail on the head so precisely? As a mother herself, she had this to say: “Many commercials claim to understand the life of a real mom, but very few correctly capture the essence of what it means to be us. We don’t see ourselves as hectic or frazzled, nor do we claim that it’s a skate through the park. Nothing is perfect or glamorous, but it’s all precious and memorable.”

Christina envisioned this spot as something that would convey exactly this sentiment – real life moments that are authentic and precious. She said that “this spot exposes the emotional connection we have with our children, and how Paw Patrol can make those connections even stronger. It explores the moments of a mother’s life that are candid, authentic and genuine. It shows heart and humanity in a very real, honest, perfectly imperfect way.”

We think Christina captured these moments beautifully. We’re sure you would agree.