How to Turn Experiential into Story

29th July 2015 - Kelsi Byers

Last Thursday TD Bank launched their latest experiential campaign where they took “an average day at the bank and turned it into the ultimate throwback” as a follow up to their hugely successfully #TDThanksYou campaign. 

Was TD able to capture lightning in a bottle twice and roll out 2 successful experiential campaigns?

Let the numbers speak for themselves.

Over the last 4 days there have been over 3.5 million views on Youtube, and 4.8 million on Facebook.

But that’s not all.

Youtube has over 5,000 comments and the Facebook video has more than 3,500 shares. Engagement. It’s a beautiful thing.

So how did TD create not 1, but 2 hugely successful campaigns?

They called in the pros who know that in order to crate a successful experiential campaign, you need creative storytellers who have the ability to execute engaging and emotional content that resonates with audiences.

Let’s break it down.

TD Bank worked alongside Diamond Integrated Marketing, who is at the forefront of branding culture. Diamond hired Clark Stanley director, Adam Massey who has  this creative knack to turn experiences into engaging and memorable stories.

Exhibit A:

Adam understands that taking the experiential piece to the next level involves storytelling, and delivering an emotional experience to the audience watching.

If you didn’t feel SOMETHING watching either of the TD videos, check your pulse, because you may not actually be a real, live human being. The videos pull on the heartstrings, and uncover stories of regular people that you may know, or at least know someone like them.

That weird thing you felt while watching the videos… those are emotions, and they will getcha!

“They key to creating a successful video is to tap into basic human emotion. You need to be able to identify the stories and characters that will be most relatable to your audience. Creating a video with multiple emotional levels helps to emotionally engage your audience. People like to laugh, people need to cry, and if you can make your audience do both then you stand a chance at having a successful video,” said Adam.

More and more, we are seeing clients coming to creative shops like Clark Stanley (who have a deep creative roster of storytellers) to turn these experiences into engaging content for audiences to experience.

Is it successful? You tell us!

  • Chris Corrigan

    Damn you Massey! Got all kinds of dust in my eyes…