Love is Love – A Project to Celebrate Pride

27th June 2016 - Angela Buna

We came into work on Monday, June 13, devastated by the events in Orlando. We sat together and talked about wanting to create something to show our support for the LGBTQ community. Given the fact that Pride month is ongoing, we wanted to create something that both celebrated Pride and provided us the opportunity to share something positive and authentic. Our concept was simple: we gathered people we knew from the LGBTQ community and asked them to simply say “love is love” repeatedly in front of a camera.

This simple formula gave our participants the opportunity to share their feelings in that moment, whatever they were, through this short phrase. We found that, the more the phrase was repeated, the more our participants opened up. They relaxed into what they were doing and saying, and their feelings in that moment began to come through clearly. Whether they were joyful, excited, frustrated, sad, scared, their feelings were right there, in their voice and on their face. The results were profoundly moving.

Here at Clark Stanley, we’re fortunate to have the ability to create what we imagine. When we thought about making this video, we realized that we’re capable of doing something even more powerful – we can give people the ability to create something positive and authentic with us. Our initial goal was to give people in the LGBTQ community a platform to speak their truth without having to say more than three words. It worked. It was incredible. It was poignant. It took on a life of its own and evolved into something far greater than we could have imagined.

We realized that we could extend the platform. We came up with the idea of creating a website,, where viewers will not only see our original video, they can add onto the video by recording their own “love is love” clip. In doing so, the video will grow into a piece of dynamic, interactive, user-generated content.

We hope that this video resonates with those who see it. We hope that people can take from it what they need – a smile, support, pause, reassurance, solidarity. We hope that what we’ve created here spreads a little kindness, and a little more understanding.

Perhaps now, more than ever, we need to be reminded of our collective humanity. The video’s message is not unique to one group, it transcends communities, religions and borders. We may be different in countless ways, there are many things that divide us, but definitively, love is love.