MADD at High Drivers

25th October 2017 - Jamie Phair

Maybe you’ve seen it, it’s in all the papers. Marijuana, cannabis, pot, weed, grass, call it what you like. Canada is going to legalize the stuff on July 1st of 2018. While the majority of the population supports this, there are concerns, and MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) were quick to launch an awareness PSA to let us know that driving high affects your reaction time and concentration.

Agency 59 and Clark Stanley teamed up to produce this very memorable PSA featuring our high guy Tim, who is attempting to order the simplest of late night drive thru orders of all time: a burger and fries. How tough could that be? Well, our girl taking the order through the speaker is quick to pick up on our hero’s state, probably when he asks “What’s the question?” just after she had said, “Hi, can I take your order.”  She then sarcastically says,

“Let me guess. One driving-high combo, extra baked?”

This PSA is funny but gets the message across, and to take the messaging even further Clark Stanley director Adam Massey produced a mash-up version of our high guy struggling to order his much needed burger and fries.  The mash-up wasn’t produced just for fun, even though it’s really funny, it was produced because when  you set out to produce great content you need to look ahead so that your work continues to work for you, and of course you’re looking out for your clients long term needs, we’re talking about social media deliverables. Material to feed your Instagram, twitter, snap chat accounts with great visuals, micro-series, and cinemagraphs.  There are so many benefits with social media marketing that we want to utilize, and we don’t to miss an opportunity to have our content continue to work for us and this includes improving your audiences experience, increasing website traffic, building brand awareness,  and many more reasons. Oh, and of course, there’s always a bigger hit for the client when you can create all of these deliverables from one content film.

MADD ‘drive thru’:

MADD ‘drive thru mash-up: