Meet Angus McStone, Curling’s Biggest Fan

27th January 2016 - Kelsi Byers

Well, in case you missed it, there’s a new guy in town who’s rockin’ the curling world and his name is Angus McStone. Strategy Online recently did a great write up on Curling Canada’s new character and we decided to give you some more info on this time travelling Scotsman and why he’s memorable, likeable and breathing new life into the curling world. 

First off we need to fill you in on something. 

Guess what… curling isn’t your grandparent’s sport anymore.

There are super athletic, young, driven, and high energy athletes competing for serious titles in tournaments across Canada and the world.  Don’t believe us? Check out this team.

Clark Stanley - Meet Angus McStone - Team Simmons

Okay, back to business.

Curling Canada came to Clark Stanley with the hopes of boosting ticket sales, and reaching a new audience: the younger demographic who love live sports, competition, and celebrating with a couple beers in The Patch after the games (it’s a big party in case you missed the memo!)

We needed to restructure the communication and try something new. 

Cue curtain. 


Angus McStone. 

Clark Stanley - Meet Angus McStone - Curling's Biggest Fan

Why go with a medieval Scotsman who’s transported through a magical portal to wherever curling is as the new marketing strategy? Um… because it’s fun. Angus is a larger than life character, and with a little dash of magic, he can essentially show up wherever and whenever we want him to. 

Curling tournaments happen in different markets all across Canada, and each one has different messaging which Angus can be tailored to. 

Would you believe it if we told you that TV numbers for curling views are right up there with hockey and football games? It’s true. We needed to convert those eye balls watching the games from the comfort of their home, to butts in seats and sell the experience of being there. The whole league has gone under a major restructure and Angus is right there leading the charge. 

“What have we learned through the process? Well there are a lot of curling fans out there, passionate, loyal fans,” said creative director Adam Massey. “The reception of Angus has been nothing but positive and encouraging. It was great watching Team Canada enthusiastically rally behind Angus McStone and the new energy being brought to the sport of curling.” 

The longevity of having Angus as a character opens the doors for years to come. In true Clark Stanley fashion we have focused on branded content and created some awesome videos featuring Angus (many rolling out in the next month so keep your eyes out for Angus!) But we didn’t stop there. Giving new life to print material, brochures, and posters through updated design work made content stand out and consistency seen through all mediums. 

It’s always great working with a client who is in step with us in regards to our creative vision and allowing us to take some risks and maybe do things a little differently than they have been done in the past. We were chosen as the creative agency because of our focus on humour and ability to freshen things up a bit and start some new conversations about curling and Angus McStone.

If you can’t tell, we have been having a great time coming up with ideas of how Angus McStone can tell Curling Canada’s message, whether it’s singing karaoke in Grande Prairie during the Home Hardware Canada Cup, or interviewing teams during our new video segment “On The Button.” 

This is just the beginning of Mr. McStone because he’s here to stay and so is curling.