Purveyors of Creative Content

20th April 2015 - Allen Massey

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Without apologies this site is no place for anyone of the mamby-pamby, lily-livered persuasion. The creative you’ll see here is just too new-fangled to sit well with tenderfoots. So proceed at your own risk. And whatever you do don’t click on the “don’t click on me” button. You’ve been warned.

There’s a new sheriff in town – his name, Clark Stanley.

Our name explained.

Calling on the past to shape our future, Clark Stanley took its name from the 19th century, self-proclaimed King of Snake Oil Salesman. Why, you might ask, would we take the name of someone engaged in as nefarious an enterprise as bogus cure-alls? Well, when you get right down to it, we’re in the business of helping clients sell more of whatever it is they sell, whether that something is a product, a service, an event, a happening or a point of view and Clark Stanley was a master salesman.

He sold trainloads of a concoction that was of no medical value whatsoever. We were inspired by his ingenuity even though we question his ethics. We are and want to be known as a communications resource that can author and produce creative content that really sells no matter how steep the challenge. So the name seems entirely fitting.

Different, because we think different is better.

Here’s the thing. Clark Stanley has built a company that works independently or in cahoots to author and produce amazing branded and creative content for use on the web and through social media channels or anywhere else imaginable. Our team of creative strategists, directors, producers and editors are content pros, talents that are in short supply. And if complimentary creative services are asked for Clark Stanley has copywriters, art directors, designers (digital and other wise), experiential experts and social media specialists we can supply. Everything you need or want, all from a single source. Maybe we should have called our company GIDDY-UP TO WHOA.

Who are we anyway?

Think of us as a bunch of creative gunslingers, shooting our way into the hearts and minds of consumers with the most deadly accurate creative and branded content ever brought before the eyes of civilized man.