Take a Shot in the Dark

25th June 2015

Scripts. You got ‘em? We want ‘em.

With the “Man Vs.” Sci-Fi-London film premiere behind us, Clark Stanley is now looking for our next project.

Are you a Canadian writer who has the next big movie or TV series? Take a shot in the dark and send us your script. We love making movies.

The process is simple.

Go to clarkstanley.com/shot-in-the-dark

Fill out the info. Read and accept the submission guidelines. When you’re ready. SUBMIT. Your fate is then in the Clark Stanley script reader’s and director’s hands. Scary or exciting? We think both.

Here are some things we’re being asked that will help you navigate this grand adventure you are embarking on.

What genre are you looking for?

We hate putting ourselves into boxes… so uncomfortable, so restricting… so don’t put yourself in one either.

Send us your best script. Heck, send us a couple. Who knows what will spark our director’s attention and interest.

What are some past projects Clark Stanley the directors have worked on?

Our filmmakers have worked on all sorts of mind-blowing projects and films – many of which you will surely recognize.

Check them out here! Can you seen your project up there? Exciting isn’t it?

What’s the budget we’re working with?

Again…the boxes…let’s see the scripts, and we will go from there.

There’s the info. You know what you’ve got to do.

And on that note, we need to go read some scripts now. There’s a winner in there. We just know it.