The Force Awakens in Toronto

20th January 2016 - Kelsi Byers

In a galaxy (not so) far, far away…. An idea, from a non-Star Wars fan turned into beautiful engaging, shareable and relatable content.

We need to back up don’t we…

“Hi, I’m Kelsi, and I’ve never seen any Star Wars movies.”
Can we please put our differences aside for a second, get through this blog post, and THEN you can write me an angry message.

Star Wars has been the ONLY thing that the design team has been talking about for over a year. There were countdowns, updates, reminders, previews, discussions and debates happening daily in the office.

That’s when my social content light bulb turned on. Even as a non-fan, I realized the potential to get in the conversation and take advantage of the fact that this was a HUGE deal. I was trying to think of ways to make the Star Wars topic relatable to someone like myself and have the content stand out in the galaxy of similar Star Wars posts.

What do I love? Toronto. What do other Star Wars fans love? Toronto! That’s how I came up with the idea of turning each character into iconic Toronto personalities (PS it’s Han Solo and not Hans Solo, constantly learning).

Want to know the best thing about working at a place like Clark Stanley? I could swivel my chair around and say “Hey amazing, talented, designers…you guys wanna combine Star Wars characters with Toronto icons?” and they were all like “Heck yeah we do. We freakin’ love Star Wars!” and BOOM our designer Tash (with the help of Abhi… not Obi… Abhi) delivered the following vector illustrations….

Clark Stanley - The Force Awakens - C3P0 Don Cherry Clark Stanley - The Force Awakens - Han Solo Drake Clark Stanley - The Force Awakens - Jabba the Hut Rob Ford Clark Stanley - The Force Awakens - Leia Organa Arlene Dickinson Clark Stanley - The Force Awakens - Luke Skywalker Bautista Clark Stanley - The Force Awakens - Obi-Wan Paul Mason

Beautiful, shareable, likeable, relatable…I could go on and on. It was a grand slam. The best part? Each photo was posted in isolation so that fans of each character could engage with each icon separately. Great work gets recognized (slow clap for Tash who really captured the details in these profiles). Both #FashionSanta (aka the handsome Paul Mason) and the beautiful Arlene Dickinson re-posted to their networks and continued the organic growth. In 3 days we had over 117 shares, 475 likes and 4,572 post clicks on Facebook alone.

Our Clark Stanley motto has always been that quality content trumps anything…and to quote (someone told me to put in this quote) the great Obi-Wan Kenobi “In my experience, there’s no such thing as luck.” We have the team that can execute ideas from start to finish. What can we do for your brand?