The Making of ALDI

10th October 2017 - Jamie Phair

Filmmakers and fans alike always enjoy “Making Of” videos; the behind the scenes, the “how did they do that”, the movie magic. Well, this “Making Of” video is no different. It all started when ad agency, Ogilvy out of Shanghai selected director Adam Massey (and his little known passion for shooting “Strange people in Stranger situations”) to shoot two new brand spots for their client, ALDI, an undertaking that tallied up to be a 6 day shoot in Kiev, Ukraine. The wardrobes, stunt training, props, make-up, locations, set dressings, etc. etc. all made for a massive undertaking. Come and enjoy some fun with us on location.

The Making of ALDI:

Here are the two final spots, ALDI ‘Wine’ and ‘Almond’