Why you should be advertising on Instagram – and how we can help

26th October 2016 - Angela Buna

One of our most recent projects was an Instagram micro-series for Playtex Baby Canada. The project’s purpose was to show the day in the life of a new mom and her baby through a series of eight 15-second videos. We used these videos to tell mom Vanessa and baby Minnie’s story by capturing the precious, little moments hidden in life’s every day chores. The project accomplished exactly what we set out to do. You can see in the video below, a combination of each part of the micro-series, that our director beautifully captured the tenderness in life’s tedious tasks.

You can see the campaign in action, including the audience engagement each video generated, on the Playtex Baby Instagram page.

Why create a campaign specifically meant for Instagram in the first place? Well, Instagram has seen remarkable growth over the last few years. Such remarkable growth, in fact, that marketers can no longer afford to ignore this platform.

Officially launching in July 2010, Instagram grew to 30 million users by April 2012, when it was purchased by Facebook for $1 billion. Since then, Instagram has grown to over 500 million users, 300 million of which are active every day. It is the second most engaged network after Facebook, and advertisers are taking notice.why-you-should-advertise-on-instagram

Instagram introduced advertising for select brands in October 2013, opening up advertising for anyone in 2015. What were the results? In 2015, Instagram was forecasted to bring in $595 million US in mobile ad revenues worldwide, and its mobile ad revenues are expected to reach $2.81 billion US worldwide in 2017. These stats are particularly remarkable considering the graph to the right, comparing Instagram’s growth in mobile ad revenue to Google and Twitter.

Advertising is moving in a very clear direction. According to one study, Instagram ranked as the top social channel marketers planned to invest more advertising in.

Our clients are no exception to the trend above. We have seen a huge spike in demand to create content specifically meant for the Instagram platform.

Not on Instagram yet? You should be. 48.8 per cent of brands are now on Instagram, and this number is expected to rise to 70.7 per cent in 2017. What’s more, engagement with brands on Instagram is 10 times higher than Facebook, and 84 times higher than Twitter according to one study.

When you’re ready to explore advertising on Instagram, give us a call. We’ve got some great ideas.