Curling Canada

Angus McStone

branded content / commercials / design

Facing off against other Canadian favourites, Curling Canada wanted to increase attendance and viewership during the Season of Champions. From strategic development, to execution across print, digital, social, and broadcast platforms, Clark Stanley created Angus McStone, and breathed new life into Curling Canada.

Clark Stanley Creative Team

Chief Creative Officer: Adam Massey
Director: Adam Massey
Producer: Tim Corrigan
Editor: Matt Sutherland
Art Director: Abhishek Chaudhry
Senior Designer: Abhishek Chaudhry
Designer: Tasha DiBiagio
Social Media Manager: Kelsi Byers

Curling Canada - Print Design Brochures

With Angus came an entirely new aesthetic, coupled with copy-writing more fitting of a man from Medieval Scotland. Working with Curling Canada’s recent rebrand, we focussed on enhancements and evolutions that would bring the tone and character of Angus McStone in all media.

Curling Canada - Print Design Fan Guide
Curling Canada - Social Media

Furthering the competitive aspect of curling, we built, encouraging fans to support their teams. From 400 users, there were approximately 200 shares, and over 50% of the visits to the site were organic – this means they were the result of friends of sharers clicking on shared posts.

Leading up to the 2015 Home Hardware Canada Cup, Angus McStone visited Grande Prairie, to make friends with radio stations, Santa Claus, and political officials, all while getting fans excited for the upcoming championship.

Curling Canada - Experiential


Angus also hosts his own show on Curling Canada’s YouTube channel – “On the Button with Angus McStone”. This short series of six videos allowed fans of the sport to learn more about the athletes.



Finally, to promote the final two tournaments of the season, Angus McStone gave away tickets to the same tournaments for the 2016-2017 Season of Champions. This meant all expenses trips, tickets to major matches, close to 200k video views, and an approximate 30% conversion rate. For example, the Onwards to St. John’s contest brought 22,571 views to the contest entry page, with 4,263 entries. The video below received 509 likes, 215 comments, and 803 shares.